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Post-Summer Care: 5 Face Skin Care Tips

As Autumn settles in it is typical for the skin on your face to begin resenting the summer abuse by showing signs of dryness, blemishes or lack of vitality and radiance. The time has come to reverse these effects of the sun before they settle permanently. If you act without delay most of the damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun is reversed and the health and beauty of the face are restored. Estrela Health & Beauty presents you 5 tricks to minimize these damages after your summer holiday:

Remove Stains

Note that hyperpigmentation is reversible if the skin stains are relatively recent. For this we advise you to use products with skin-lightening ingredients, such as vitamin C. For greater effectiveness, avoid sun exposure and use these products daily for at least 3 months. It is the only way your skin recovers and eliminates the excess melanin that causes these blemishes. To avoid the appearance of these stains we advise the daily use of sunscreen1.

Exfoliation is recommended

In summer, due to the use of sunscreen, sweat and exposure to elements such as pollution, the skin tends to accumulate dead cells. A gentle exfoliant will remove these, promote skin regeneration and facilitate the absorption of moisturizing products to combat dryness.

The word of the day is hydration

We advise moisturizing to fight the wrinkles that appear around the eyes and the dryness of the skin due to long periods of exposure to the sun. After exfoliation, you can moisturize your skin with a serum 2 and then follow it daily with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type3.

Mask yourself

A good after-summer care trick is applying a regenerating mask4 as it deeply moisturizes and promotes skin oil balance while revitalizing it.

Take your skin to the spa

Surrender to the advice of a professional to combat the effects of the sun. Take a deep skin cleansing and revitalize your face with one of our treatments: Estrela Facial (65 €), Aromaplastie (75 €) and Aroma Expert (80 €). Our therapists can recommend which treatments and products are best suited to your face's needs and skin type.

Give the skin of your face the care it needs to feel radiant this winter.


1 Sunscreen 50 - € 17.69

2 Neroli Serum - € 30.31 and Iris Serum - € 56.60

3 BB Cream Normal 21.66 €, BB Cream Dark 32.78 €, Harmonie Calm 30.94 €, Aroma Lisse 37.73 €, Prolagene Lift 73.82 €

4 Prolagene Lift Mask 32.48 €

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