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Face Skin Care Routine

Having a cared skin is not an undecipherable secret. In fact it all starts with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water and avoiding bad habits such as smoking. Then just follow a simple routine in your home, not forgetting the following indications:
1. Wash Face - Be careful not to wash your face with very hot water twice a day. Use a soap neutral or specific for your skin type (Suggestion: DECLEOR Aroma Cleansing 3 in 1- € 23,50) *. This process reduces oil production and pore clogging. The use of a toner allows the complete removal of the residue left by the cleanser, helps to refresh the skin and restore its pH.
2. Remove make - up - Letting face make-up at night promotes premature aging of the skin as it prevents the skin from breathing. Therefore, the use of a make-up remover helps the active ingredients present in the products to be more effective afterwards. (Suggestion: DECLEOR Aroma Cleansing Essential tonifying lotion - € 19.90). Note that waterproof make-up comes out more easily with products based oil.
3. Exfoliate - Depending on skin type * Applying an exfoliant once a week helps remove dead cells and leaves the skin ready to receive the proper treatment.
4. Hydrate ** - Did you know that both dry and oily skin need hydration to balance the formation of sebum? The only difference is that those who have dry skin should bet on more nutritious products, while those with oily skin should opt for oil-free products. Usually day creams (suggestion: DECLEOR AURABSOLU Intense glow awaking cream - € 61.70) include sun protection factor while those at night help regenerate the skin (suggestion: DECLEOR AROMESSENCE NEROLI BAUME Hydrating night - € 34.70).
5. Protect - Whether summer or winter protect yourself from the sun as it is one of the main responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Apply in the morning, after the moisturizer, and reapply during the afternoon to ensure the effectiveness of the product (Suggestion: DECLEOR AROMA SUN EXPERT - € 34.70). . Note: It is advisable that the moisturizer and the protector be of the same brand, to avoid reactions between active ingredients.
6. Complementary Treatment (Anti-aging creams) - advised to people over 30 years, as they help to maintain the firmness of the skin and to delay the appearance of spots and lines of expression
* Star Health & Beauty therapists can identify your skin type and recommend the right product for your care.
** For an advanced level of skin treatment, we advise moisturizing also with a mask, as it promotes the balance of the oil of the skin and revitalizes the skin of the face to a healthy aspect. We suggest: DECLEOR DEEP CLEANSING MASK clarifying clay mask - € 43.30.

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