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Top Benefits of Regular Exercise

Always in search of your well-being, the Star of Light explains that practicing exercise has many health benefits, both physical and mental. Below we leave you the main benefits when practicing exercise regularly:
· Feel Happier - Improves mood while reducing anxiety and stress as it increases the production of endorphins, which help to create positive feelings and well-being.
Weight Loss Studies have shown that inactivity is a significant factor in weight gain and obesity. With exercise your metabolism increases, allowed you to burn more calories and consequently promote weight loss.
Muscle and Bones Friend Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining healthy muscles and bones. Helps release hormones that stimulate muscle building through the absorption of amino acids. Practicing regular physical activity is the key to increasing bone density when you are younger and avoiding muscle loss with age.
· Increases Energy Levels - It seems counterintuitive, but exercise can be a real energy booster. Practicing regular physical activity increases energy even in people with serious illness.
· Promotes Skin Health - Exercise stimulates blood flow and induces changes in skin cells that can slow down the signs of aging.
· Memory and Mental Health - Physical activity increases heart rate, which helps blood flow and oxygen to the brain. It also stimulates the production of hormones that can increase the growth of brain cells.
· Sleep Quality - Regular physical activity helps you relax and sleep better, in order to recover the spent energy.
In short, regular exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve almost every aspect of your health. Therefore, even if you come on vacation to the Star of Light, you can maintain your exercise habits by using our gym. All our guests have unlimited access to our fully equipped gym with Technogym material. So now there are no more excuses!

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